Riya Desai is an Architectural Designer at HPZS. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree with a focus on Art/Architectural History and Landscape Design from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2021.

She  previously worked at small firms focusing on a range of residential, structural, educational and community development projects in Chicago.  Riya volunteered at Habitat for Humanity through a school club which gave her firsthand construction experience a way to explore different cities. She was a project manager for the SOFA Connect competition at Navy Pier in 3rd year of Architecture school which gave her an opportunity to lead a huge team through a competition that her team ultimately won.

Passionate about art, culture, and languages. Riya is self-taught N4-Level certified in Japanese and hoping to pursue it further, and likes to spend time in digital art/animation as a hobby inspired by film classes she took in IIT.