Portfolio Category: Sustainable Design

Pullman Artspace

When Chicago’s historic Pullman neighborhood received National Landmark status in 2015, Pullman Artspace, LLC, in partnership with the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, sponsored a phased competition for the design of an artist’s live/work space incorporating new construction connecting two original Pullman buildings located at either end of an otherwise empty block. HPZS, as part of…
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Lorraine Hansberry Apartments

The Lorraine Hansberry Apartments is a nine story senior housing facility completed in 1976. The first floor includes offices and common areas, while floors 2 through 9 are comprised of 169 apartments. HPZS initially completed a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Green Physical Condition Assessment for this property. Construction documents were subsequently prepared to address electrical,…
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Garver Arts Incubator

The former Garver Feed Mill Building, constructed in 1906, was given to the City of Madison for the expansion of the adjacent Olbrich Botanic Garden. In addition to it’s use by the Botanic Garden, the building was developed as an arts incubator in which local artists would work and teach. HPZS prepared an Historic Structures…
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