Western Illinois Museum

HPZS is working with the non-profit Western Illinois Museum (WIM) in Macomb, Illinois to develop a Master Plan for the existing historical facility that includes an assessment of the existing building components. It provides a conceptual design to update and re-purpose the building spaces to breathe new life into the successful museum for years to come as it looks to expand its offerings to the community and region, resulting in the launch of a capital campaign.

The “road map," in addition to design documents and permitting, will guide the future development in a logical and organized fashion and avoid any duplication of effort and unnecessary future work. According to the proposed design solution, WIM will be able to utilize the east building year-round to facilitate expansion of program offerings as well as the ability to generate revenue through event-based rental of the space.

“The facilities plan created by HPZS is a guide for the Museum to work in a fiscally responsible way towards its vision, allowing us to launch a successful capital campaign. Their guidance has given us the confidence to move forward, knowing that we are working towards a design that will meet the Museum’s needs in the future."

- Sue Scott, Executive Director of Western Illinois Museum

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