The Powhatan Apartments

Part of a comprehensive, multi-year façade repair program that began in 2016, HPZS provides design and specification services to repair and restore the 22-story Powhatan's limestone, terracotta, and brick masonry façade. The Powhatan, a masterpiece designed by architects Charles Morgan and Robert De Golyer during the late 1920s, marks a significant shift towards upscale apartment living within the Art Deco movement. This architectural gem, clad in Indiana limestone and terra cotta, stands as a testament to the vibrant relationship between the building and the picturesque lakefront parks it adorns, featuring ornate spandrels and wildlife motifs that enrich its historical significance.

This process begins with an extensive exterior assessment of the façade and the development of a restoration plan. Through careful planning and expert execution, HPZS successfully stabilized the façade, undertaking the precise replacement of all mortar joints. This proactive approach aimed to mitigate moisture penetration into and through the assembly, safeguarding the building's structural integrity for generations to come. Furthermore, HPZS addressed specific challenges by replacing shelf angles where necessary and meticulously repairing existing damage to the exterior.

Currently, HPZS continues to be actively involved in The Powhatan's ongoing restoration efforts, assuming the role of the building's reviewing Architect for all property projects. This ensures any subsequent endeavors align with the historical significance and architectural integrity of the structure.

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