MSI Science Storms Exhibit

HPZS was engaged to install over 20 earth science specific permanent exhibits for the MSI Science Storms installation, collecting the seven natural phenomena into one location that occupies both the main and balcony levels of the West Gallery space. In order to accommodate the intensive infrastructure requirements, the entire main level exhibit was placed on a raised platform providing interstitial distribution space below.

Permission from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks was obtained for the installation of a skylight and related reflecting mirrors for the Heliostat Exhibit to be placed on the roof of the Museum. An escalator was installed to connect the two levels of the west gallery, facilitating the visitors’ experience. To create the Tornado vortex, three large mechanical units and related ducts were carefully placed between the roof trusses above the ceiling.

“The spinning, cloudlike vortex of water vapor looks like it could blow off a witch's red shoes, though in truth walking through it is a pretty gentle experience.” - William Mullen, Chicago Tribune