Soldier Field

HPZS played an important role in the rehabilitation of Soldier Field, a historic stadium that has stood as a monument to World War I veterans since its completion in 1930. The stadium's unique size and construction, including its use of proprietary pre-cast concrete known as Benedict Stone, made it a challenging but rewarding project for HPZS to tackle.

As the home field of the Chicago Bears football team, Soldier Field had undergone numerous alterations over the years, including the installation of "sky boxes" and changes to seating arrangements. But the most critical issue was the deterioration of the historic façade, which was in need of restoration to preserve its historic significance.

HPZS was brought on board as part of a team assembled by Knight Architects to oversee the rehabilitation of the interior and restoration of the exterior. Our firm's primary focus was on the restoration of the artificial stone façade and related elements of the two colonnades. HPZS was able to complete the entire project, including planning and construction, within a tight timeframe of just twelve months. This was especially critical given that the stadium was scheduled to host the World Cup Soccer finals in June of 1994, and the restoration needed to be completed in time for this high-profile event.

HPZS demonstrated its expertise in historic preservation and restoration, and helped ensure that this iconic stadium would continue to be a beloved landmark in Chicago for years to come.

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