MSI Red Planet Blue Planet Exhibit

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As architect of record, HPZS led an award winning team including the Hettema Group and Gallagher & Associates to design a major new exhibit utilizing all levels of the entire East Pavilion of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The joint creative concept was the winning proposal in a NASA sponsored design competition that involved over 50 major international exhibit design firms. The 18,000 sq. ft. project, which focused on the exploration of Mars, as well as exciting new frontiers on earth, featured innovative and highly experiential presentations to create a new level of engaging museum experience. The exhibit design made optimum use of the three-story high volume of the central rotunda space.

HPZS was responsible for generating accurate background drawings of the entire building to be used by the exhibit designers and mechanical consultants in generating their work. HPZS addressed the architectural and structural modifications necessary to house the exhibit features, and we coordinated the infrastructure and life safety designs as they interfaced with the complex exhibit elements.