Jackson Lake Lodge

Restoration and repair work is officially underway at Jackson Lake Lodge in Wyoming! ⁠When the Jackson Lake Lodge opened in 1955, it was the first example of International Style architecture constructed by the National Park Service. Designed by architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, the intent was to express a sense of modernism after the close of World War II. The Jackson Lake Lodge was seen as a symbol of economic growth and success, ushering in a new era of architecture for NPS, intending to keep National Parks in the forefront of American culture and tourism, another boost to the post-war economy.⁠

Since 2019, HPZS has been working on designing the repairs to fully restore the exterior concrete surfaces; the exposed structural concrete is board formed and the imprint of the wood grain is an integral part of the building’s design. We're honored to bring buildings from the past into the vision of tomorrow.

National Park Service Press Release

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