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There’s no mistaking that the incantation of “Prairie Avenue” conjures up thoughts of Chicago’s Prairie Avenue District, and “Prairie School” the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Harnessing that association as inspiration, our firm’s founder, Wilbert Hasbrouck, and his wife Marilyn, started the Prairie School Press in 1961, republishing some of the almost-lost-to-history great architectural tomes of our time, such as Louis Sullivan’s A System of Architectural Ornament, and Frank Lloyd Wright and William Winslow’s The House Beautiful, as well as publishing a journal of architectural history, often featuring important architects and buildings of the Prairie School. Later, in 1974, they opened the Prairie Avenue Bookshop, which became an architectural resource relied upon by the profession, locally and nationally, for almost 40 years. It is in the spirit of preserving the strong legacy of media’s role in architecture that HPZS kicks off our blog, “A Prairie Avenue Companion”, and we invite you to join us for this exciting journey.

Coming soon

In the coming days, weeks, and months, we hope to bring you coverage of topics ranging from sustainable preservation efforts here in Chicago, the Midwest, and nationally, as well as provide our expertise on the day’s relevant building topics, and tell you a little bit about what’s going on at HPZS. What’s more, we hope to be able to give back to the community our historical knowledge of what makes preservation in Chicago so exciting: from stories of great Chicago buildings lost to history, to reporting on those that have been saved or should be considered for preservation in the future. Given HPZS’s role in saving, maintaining and advocating for preservation of our great architectural treasures for nearly 40 years, we are positioned well to be your go-to Sustainable Preservation resource.

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If you are an architect, engineer, preservationist, sustainable design enthusiast, student, professor or professional: we want to hear from you; wherever you may be in the world, whomever you are! Go to the “Contact” section of our webpage and send us a message. If you enjoy our posts, please be consider yourself encouraged to re-share our entries on your social media sites. It is through the communication and proliferation of the importance of Sustainable Preservation that we will educate and inspire the AEC industry and our own communities about the movement to “Preserve a Sustainable Future”.

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